Harry Mundy is a London based company specialising in the finest quality made to measure and made to order clothing. We adhere to and celebrate the traditional practices of British craftsmanship, while combining them with a considered and contemporary approach to design.

Made to Measure

Made to Order

British Manufacturing

British luxury goods and manufacturing have always been considered to represent the pinnacle of quality and aesthetic. Whether the tailors of Savile Row, weavers in the Outer Hebrides or jewellers in London and Birmingham, Britain has one of the proudest heritages of producing some of the finest luxury goods in the world.

We are committed to only manufacture in Britain, supporting skilled employment and traditions from around the country.


Each garment is handmade in a small atelier in London with decades of experience.

Designed and made for longevity, we believe that clothes should be able to be loved and worn year after year.


Sustainability and responsibility is at the heart of each Harry Mundy product.

We pay the closest attention to each material, from our buttons to our packaging. We only work with the finest cloth mills and merchants, so ensuring the origin and care given to each animal and crop and only use natural fibres, from undyed British wool to Hemp.

It is of the utmost importance to us that we support local economies in the UK, from sheep farming to manufacturing.

We are committed to working and sourcing only from companies and individuals whose stories we are proud to tell.