Harry Mundy is a London based company specialising in the finest made-to-measure and made-to-order clothing. Each piece is handmade in a small atelier in London with decades of experience. Designed and made for longevity, we believe that clothes should be able to be loved and worn year after year. The focus of our design is to offer styles that are timeless and fundamentally without season, combined with beautiful cloth that we source exclusively from the world's leading mills and small independent merchants and weavers.

Harry trained for 4 years on Savile Row with legendary master cutter Joe Morgan of Chittleborough & Morgan. He is also the former Menswear Design Manager for Vivienne Westwood.

Harry Mundy is dedicated to manufacture only in the UK, celebrating and supporting Britain's long history of luxury craftsmanship.

Responsibility is at the heart of everything we create. Through its very nature, hand-made made-to-order clothing are some of the most sustainable garments in the world.  Due to the time and skill spent in their creation, by masters of their craft, each piece is ensured of its longevity and value.